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Can I schedule a school visit?

Of course, we would love to show you around our amazing school. Call 336-245-2690 to schedule your visit today!

Does the school offer financial aid?

DA 1.5 Dental Assisting School does not offer any financial aid. However, we do offer a payment plan. For more details, select the tuition tab above.

Where can I pay?

Payments can be made by cash or check. Checks must be made out

to DA 1.5 Dental Assisting School

If I pay the full tuition, will I be guaranteed to get my certifications?

No, there is not a program where you pay your tuition and get your certificates. You have to earn it. Our program is designed to produce a well rounded dental assistant. 

Do I need to study outside of class?

Yes! Since we operate on an accelerated schedule, it is of utmost importance that you study the material outside of class.

Can I work full time while attending?

While everyone manages their time differently, we find that students are most successful when able to put their full attention to school and studying.

Where will I complete my externship?

The externship is a vital and required part of this program. It is very important to us that students get real life experience at our office, as well as others. We have a vast network of dental offices which we work with in order to suit the needs to our students. However, we cannot guarantee that the location of these offices will work with everyone.

Will I be able to find a job after graduating?

Although we do not guarantee job placement, our program provides assistance in resume and interview preparation. We are also proud to say that majority of our graduates are successful in finding an employer upon graduation.

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